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Perkins Barnet Dulaney Eye Company said I had cataracts in both eyes and needed eye surgery. I filled three prescriptions for eye drops, etc.

and in the end I did not have cataracts. We had a disagreement and they seemed fishy to me so I had an eye exam elsewhere and guess what - I do NOT have cataracts. This business is scamming old people left and right.

So folks let's get the word out about this place.

the one I went to was in Mesa, but I imagine they all pull this type of thing. Can you believe it?

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Not true! Cataracts are very easy to identify.

No physician would ever tell you that you had them, if you did not. Additionally, since cataracts are a part of the aging process everyone is going to get them eventually. When to remove them does vary depending on the patient's lifestyle complaints. Some people have rip roaring cataracts that medically should be removed but the patient does not complain they are interfering so they are not removed.

Ask for your records from the 2nd doctor. I guarantee his exam notes will show you DO have cataracts.


Agree with Greg. If you feel uncomfortable, if a "red flag" goes up, no matter the company, the physician, a car mechanic, etc.

always get a second opinion. There are good and bad types in every form of business.

I personally had a 100% great experience with B-D-P .. I did have cataracts and my vision has returned almost 20/20.


Good to get a second opinion no matter what. Especially with your eyes or other health issues.

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